Buster Keaton Video

(photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash)

Hi there. This is a last minute blog post featuring a Buster Keaton video.

While I just completed another stock market blog that I was going to post tonight, I’ve decided to wait until tomorrow morning to post it. No need to read about financial topics on a Saturday night. Don’t you agree? Lol.

Instead, here is a 6:53 minute video showing many amazing stunts performed by Buster Keaton. As a child, I always enjoyed watching many of the silent movie stars perform their daring feats. Buster Keaton is one of my favorites from that era.

A few laughs before bedtime. Wishing you all sweet dreams.


6 thoughts on “Buster Keaton Video”

  1. Hi Marc,
    Thanks for the video link.
    Only one problem, when I got over to YouTube, I ended up watching more than just Buster and took a while getting back here to leave you a comment.
    It is like going down a rabbit hole.

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