Dreaming 2

Dreams have many purposes that can assist us throughout our life journey. They are the connection to our unconscious mind. We can use dreams to learn from our past, to analyze our current situations, and to explore our possible futures.

Everyone dreams. But it is possible that each person dreams differently. Relating to our five (or six!) senses, some people dream in black and white, others in color. Some people hear music, while others see artwork. Actually, we all have the ability to dream using all of our senses. It’s just that it may be more natural for certain individuals to have certain senses dominate during a dream. However, with practice, it is possible to be in tune with all our senses during dreams.

Dreams can impact the body while we sleep, making the dreams feel real to us. However, the brain releases chemicals to stop the body from moving during dreams. Unfortunately, not everyone remembers their dreams. Some reasons why people do not remember their dreams include: not getting enough sleep, multi-tasking, over-thinking and worrying. Many people who do remember their dreams may only remember bad dreams. Yet, we all have good dreams too. Through a dream practice, the good dreams can be remembered as well. The key is to pay attention to our dreams, as they can represent many different meanings.

There is a lot to be learned about ourselves through our dreams. All we have to do is set an intention and then pay attention. We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, so there must be many purposes that it serves, even if science is unable to identify all of these purposes. Tapping into our dreams is a powerful way to keep us moving in directions that are appropriate for us.

What is one small step you can do to practice dream work?

Dream Big.  And, Dream On.

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