Why stress out?!?!  With Marc Cohen at your side, you have nothing to fear.  Due to his past work experiences as an accountant (CPA) in corporate environments, he has been in contact with many stressed out individuals, himself included.  That’s right, Marc is (I mean, was) stressed out.  And not just due to work, but also challenges outside of the workplace that left Marc in a constant state of heightened anxiety, which in turn manifested into physical ailments.

And when his physical ailments could not be corrected through typical western medicine protocols, Marc sought out alternative methods for healing.  It was through this personal journey that he uncovered book-after-book of fascinating holistic health topics covering physical (body) and non-physical (mind) concepts.  Through this process, he learned that one does not function optimally without the other.  The body and mind work in unison.

And when reading books was not enough, he sought out a formal education in the field.  The lessons he learned in these informal and formal settings were applied and practiced, in effect, using himself as a ‘guinea pig’ through trial-and-error to uncover those methods that worked, and did not work, for himself.

Marc Cohen has been mistaken for the “Walking in Memphis” singer-songwriter Marc Cohn, but only because their names are almost identical.  He is the same stature (in height only) as actor Michael J. Fox.  And he has a dry sense of humor like comedian Steven Wright.  Is your mind at ease yet?

Rest assured, Marc has gotten his act together.  He has gone through, and is still working through, a personal transformation that is producing outstanding results in his life.  And he wants to share his experiences and lessons with you.  Learn how to transform your life from a world of negative thoughts and emotions that stress out the body and mind, to a new outlook on life that allows for being kind towards yourself no matter what challenges lie before you.  Watch your health improve as you gain clarity about those things that matter most to you, and as you take constructive action towards your goals and dreams.  You can do it too!

Take the S’s out of ‘STRESS’ and you will be left with Totally Renewed Energy.