A New Year, A New Start

(photo by Free Walking Tour Salzburg on Unsplash.com)

Do you believe in the new year providing a fresh start? I do. Actually, any time is a good time to begin anew. With the calendar reflecting 1/1 to kick things off, it feels like a natural time to plan for new adventures.

My personal words to start the year are: Proactive, Energetic, Introspection.

To me, this means that I want to spend time uncovering what is most important, and then taking action steps to bring about positive, lasting change. I create my own path, one that is true to my needs and desires. I focus on my energy as I do tasks. Does this task bring about negative or positive energy?  I want to spend more time being in energy that frees me, energy that I enjoy, both my own and that which surrounds me. I am kind to myself.

In order to gain clarity on my inner voice, I need to do things each day that bring out this voice. To do this, I am implementing daily meditation, deep breathing exercises, journaling, yoga, nature hikes, and a (mostly) plant-based diet. Together, these practices will give my inner voice a passageway from my unconscious mind to my conscious mind.

In effect, my goal is to get in tune with my intuition. If I’m paying attention to my inner self, ideas may pop into my mind at any time. I need to be ready to write down these thoughts as they occur, and then take action.

I am excited to get started.

What are your personal words to start the year?