Animal Photos Taken by Me

Today is photo day! On my time off, I enjoy taking pictures of animals. Here are some for you.

This is Robin! She is standing on my front lawn. Robin Red Breast is her full name, and she has a big family contingent in my home state of NJ.

Here is my Duck friend from NY State. She’s a beaut! And the water is sooo clean!

Please let me introduce to you my Ostrich friend from Pennsylvania. He was happy to oblige posing for this close-up.

My long-lost relative, Mule, and I, were happy to reconnect with each other. He was laughing at one of my jokes.

Here’s my friend Turkey Vulture sharing his beautiful wingspan for the camera.

Wake up, everybody! The sun is out, and I see a Turkey Vulture up there.

It’s a great day for a walk out in the sunshine.

Here’s my buddy, Liz, hanging out on a branch.

And, I’d like to introduce you to my Ant Rose.

One day, I heard noises on my roof. I said to myself, “That was no squirrel”. I was right. A special Turkey Vulture visitor eyeing me up for lunch.

And finally, here is Pretty Boy, always ready for the camera.

Enjoy your day! Get out and enjoy nature.