Random Topics 5

Today’s Random Topics:  Worry,  Exercise,  Nature…

Why worry? It only produces negative effects on the body and mind. It is important to identify concerns we have and formulate a plan to address them. But to spend time worrying does nothing to fix the problem or concern. Because our thoughts create action, if we worry, we get caught up in fear that may never go away. Unfortunately worry not only leaves us in a stuck holding pattern unable to move forward but, left unchecked, it can lead to a greater chance of illness and death compared to those who worry less or who know how to handle their worries in a productive way. If our ‘worry energy’ can be transformed into ‘productive energy’ that focuses on finding solutions, then we have a strong chance of moving forward in a positive direction that leads to growth and renewal.

Exercise is a requirement to maintain and improve health. Obesity is an epidemic in America that continues to get worse. The body must be in motion to burn calories. Exercise can improve your mood, prevent or lower high blood pressure and cholesterol, boost energy levels and promote better sleep. A combination of cardiovascular, weight and flexibility training will produce the best results. A lack of exercise will cause the heart to work harder for easier tasks, muscles to shrink, strength to decrease and flexibility to become limited. It is necessary to continue on an exercise program on a regular basis, as taking time off can cause the body to revert backwards causing the individual to have to start over to build the body back up. Workouts less than four times a week is not considered regular and will not produce major benefits. Treat exercise as fun time and you will be more prone to keep up with it and feel better because of it.

The fast-paced, pressure driven western culture tends to push us away from nature. Yet nature is where our spirit was born and where many of us as children spent many hours focused on enjoying recreation time, at one with nature. It is time to bring natural settings back into our everyday lives. Spending time away from our normal settings allows us to get out of the fast-paced crazy world around us and into a state of peace and refuge to give ourselves space to regroup and revitalize for the next set of challenges that await us. We were born into this world with no material belongings, with a real connection to the earth. We need to regain that connection as there is a wealth of information to be gathered there that will make us stronger, more present and at peace with how we perceive our lives at this moment and how we behave moving forward.

CONCLUSION                                                                                                                          Worry less, exercise smartly, and spend more time in nature.  Three seemingly random things.  All three on their own can provide positive results towards better health. Imagine the powerful benefits if all three habits are implemented.  Observe powerful positive change in your life by taking one small step in each category. Why not today: 1. Meditate for 5 seconds.  2. Do one push-up. 3. Do #1 and 2 in nature. Explore for yourself and reap the benefits.

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