Random Topics 4

Today’s Random Topics:  Excessive Thoughts vs. Quiet Mind, Multi-Tasking vs. Doing One Thing at a Time

Excessive Thoughts vs. Quiet Mind:
Wherever we are and whatever we do, it is the present moment. As I write these words, it is the present moment for me. Yet my mind may be filled with thoughts relating to past events or my potential future. Thinking about the past or future takes us away from being fully present, from our ability to truly experience the world unfolding before our eyes. Thoughts produced by the mind limit the amount of attention that we are able to give to what is happening around us and to us right now.

The beauty of Ekhart Tolle’s concept of The Power of Now is that you do not need years of therapy or school to use it. It can be applied right now regardless of your life situation. It does require practice to make it second nature and it does take work to break the negative habit of thinking too much that we have done our entire lives. Start small by attempting to be free of thought for just a few seconds at a time. With practice, the few seconds of quietness will blossom to several seconds and even longer over time. The main key to being present in life is a quiet mind.

Multi-Tasking vs. Doing One Thing at a Time:
According to the Brain, Cognition and Action Laboratory at the University of Michigan, multitasking adds errors and slows reaction time. And, multitasking can double the time to complete tasks as compared to doing things one at a time.

We live in a culture that thrives on multi-tasking. There are not enough hours in the day to complete all of our chores and projects. Technology has given us the tools to be perfect multi-taskers. Yet, by allowing our minds to run in several directions at once, we are unable to fully experience the deep sense of being a simultaneous observer and participant in our own lives.

Being an observer of our outer and inner worlds fully and completely through our five senses (and even our sixth sense) can truly elevate our consciousness and provide a great deal of satisfaction and rewards. Focus as much attention as possible on the one thing that you choose to do right now, no matter what that is.



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