Mind-Body Connection 1

Most of us who acquire a physical illness or ailment attribute it to an underlying physical issue that needs to be fixed before physical health returns.  However, strong evidence supports that many physical illnesses are initiated by our mind, emotions and strength of spiritual life.

By changing our perspective when physical symptoms arise, if we investigate other aspects of our lives, such as our thoughts, emotions, the environment we live in, and lifestyle habits, we may uncover other reasons for the illness.  Yet, even if we focus our attention inside our mind and body to identify the correlations, we may not see the complete picture because the unconscious mind plays a major role as well.

In order to learn something new, we need to consciously think through the steps and repeat this conscious thinking over and over again to master this new task.  And once we have mastered this new task, we no longer have to think about it consciously when we are actually doing the task.  That’s because the steps, through repetition, have transferred over to the unconscious mind.

Think about all the good and bad habits we have acquired throughout our life by repeating these actions over a long period of time.  Once a habit is engrained in our unconscious mind, the ability to change this habit requires a desire to change and a willingness to reprogram the unconscious mind through the creation of new, healthy habits.

So, there are two general areas that need our attention in order to create positive change in our life.  The first step is to pay attention to our inner selves.  Listen to our inner voice.  What is it saying?  Is it supporting us or dragging us down?  How does our body react when we are in various environments or situations?  How do we feel mentally and physically after eating a certain type of food?  These are just a few examples that can help us learn more about ourselves and connect the dots regarding what thoughts or actions help us or hurt us.

After we identify an area of concern, we must take the second step of reprogramming the unconscious mind.  Reprogramming takes place as we implement a new practice over-and-over again until a new habit is formed.

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