The Power of Belief

Beliefs that we acquired as children served their purpose as a way to keep us safe, but as time moves forward and our lives unfold, our beliefs change.
We have the power to make our thoughts work for us by shifting our mindset.  Pay attention to your thoughts and identify your underlying feelings and beliefs related to that particular thought.  Does your underlying belief still serve you or do you now identify with a different belief?  By consciously changing our thoughts, we can over time, shift the energy in our body with beneficial results.  By visualizing ourselves achieving desired goals and simultaneously making statements as though we have already achieved these goals, we are redirecting our energy towards the end result by making ourselves believe that it is already true.  And once we believe something is, it will become so!

We are where we are in life based on our thoughts.  If we want to change our life, then we must change our thoughts because “thoughts become things”.  And because thoughts are tied to our beliefs, our beliefs must change as well.  Our subconscious may contain beliefs that we are not aware of on a conscious level.  Our beliefs can change in one of two ways.  We can change our thoughts first to cause a shift in our beliefs or we can take action first on newly formed goals, which will also produce a shift in our beliefs.  So get moving and stay positive.

Five minutes of focused visualization per day is required to manifest our dreams.  See and feel yourself during this visualization as if you have already achieved the end result of your desired goal.  Our focus should never be on how our goals will manifest.  Focus on the end result and let the universe “conspire on your behalf” to figure out the “hows” for you.  Patience with ourselves is needed as we must be our own positive motivators.  Being gentle with ourselves will help build internal confidence that will eventually shine outwardly.

There are no limits to what we can do individually or as a civilization.  Each person limits themselves based on their limiting beliefs.  We all have them to some degree.  But if we uncover a way to erase our limiting beliefs, then there is nothing that can stop us from attaining anything we dream up.


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