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Today’s Random Topics: Controlling vs. Allowing, Suffering vs. Pain, and Nocebo vs. Placebo

Controlling vs. Allowing:
We attempt to control many aspects of our lives that are actually uncontrollable in an effort to provide ourselves with happiness, stability, and the avoidance of danger. However, seeking happiness through attempts to control situations or other people does not produce favorable results. Change is the one constant in life, and this we cannot control. We must fully accept all aspects of our experiences, both good and bad, to enjoy a peaceful and happy existence.

Suffering vs. Pain:
Some pain is inevitable in life but suffering is different. Suffering represents the negative thoughts we place on top of the pain. We can lessen or eliminate suffering by placing our attention towards the pain that we are feeling as it is occurring.

Nocebo vs. Placebo:
The Placebo Effect shows that individuals can regain health by thinking they are given real medicine when in fact they are given nothing but a dose of positive beliefs. The same holds true in reverse with a word described by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. as the Nocebo Effect. If people can get better by thinking positive thoughts, then the opposite must be true. The Nocebo Effect shows that health can be damaged by negative thoughts or negative suggestions that are ultimately accepted by the brain. When people are depressed, they are stuck in negative thoughts and when people are happy, they are either focused on positive thoughts or have a clear mind.

“Learning how to harness your mind to promote growth is the secret of life” – Bruce Lipton, PhD


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