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Creativity in any form, (i.e., music, painting, photography, dance, etc.) is necessary for growth of the human spirit and helps greatly to add meaning to life.  This means making creativity a part of everyday life.  It is very easy to get caught up in our daily life events that we lose track of this need.  Our society is all about the go-go-go mentality, without taking time to just be.

Because a quiet mind provides a strong foundation for opening up our creativity, it is no wonder that many people have not opened up to their creativity, and thus, a part of their life or personality may be lacking in some way.

Individual creativity is achieved by looking within oneself to uncover untapped energy that desperately wants to express itself.  The key is to take action yourself, regardless of your natural talents.  Talent is not necessary, although with practice most individuals will improve their skills at varying levels.  It is all about expressing oneself fully regardless of ability.

Society has placed limitations on what older children and adults view as acceptable behavior and this has stifled the natural creativity that once was in the forefront of our early childhood personalities.

Also, society has placed greater significance on left brain thinking, leaving right brain creativity behind.  While right brain thinking is an extremely important process, if it is not balanced with left brain activities, not only will our life force energy remain out of balance but we will never really know our true selves.  We rely too much on the messages, products and services that society pushes on us, which means that we are being led by others in directions that serve others most of the time.

Music, Art, Photography, and other forms of expression, created from within ourselves and expressed outwardly through our voice, paint brush, or pictures has the power to heal our inner selves on many levels. And once we uncover the natural healer within us and leave our ego behind, we can help others open up to their creativity and their natural ability to heal themselves too.

What is one small step you can do to make creativity a part of your day?

6 thoughts on “Creativity”

  1. I absolutely agree with you here! I spend at least an hour a day in meditation so that I can sit with myself and allow both sides of my brain and to connect with one another. Love your thoughts here!

  2. Hi Marc, yet another great post I can completely relate to and agree with the power of creativity and self-healing. The most recent book I read related to this post is, “One Truth, One Law: I am, I Create,” a short but very powerful book on that inner voice inside you encouraging creativity through thoughts on a constant basis. The book states that we should have intention with our thoughts or we are on autopilot, living to survive, but not creating to live how we desire. Thank you for sharing.

    Sending lots of love and gratitude,

  3. Great info! I love being creative through my photography and sewing. Lia is very creative through her painting and drawing. She is so focused when working on her creativity and seems like she is in her own little world.

    1. Excellent, Martha! It is a great sign that Lia “is in her own little world” when doing creative projects. We are in a flow when doing something we love. Optimally, we fill our days with more of those moments.

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