Random Topics 3

Today’s Random Topics:  Hold a Grudge vs. Forgiveness,  Passive vs. Assertive,  Looking Outside vs. Looking Inside

Hold a Grudge vs. Forgiveness:
Forgiveness is an internal healing process that assists in releasing toxic thoughts and emotions towards another person related to a past event that results in unconditional love towards oneself and others. This process is similar to the grieving process, which shifts one’s perception from victim to survivor. By forgiving others, we release negative energy, which allows us to move forward in a positive frame of mind and body.

Passive vs. Assertive:
Holding in feelings can lead to blocked energy that gets trapped in the body, keeping stress levels up. So express yourself. Don’t keep thoughts bottled up. Unexpressed thoughts remain inside the body and may even produce physical pain and illness. Talking about current concerns with someone else can help release these thoughts from your body and at the same time help you work through to a solution. Also, assertiveness is important. Speak up to ensure that your voice is heard. Going along with someone else’s plan when you really do not want to will cause internal conflict and could lead to a build-up of anger if done too often. It is important to learn how to manage anger. It is okay to get angry, but it is important to funnel this anger energy in an appropriate way.

Looking Outside vs. Looking Inside:
It is human nature to seek out happiness through external life experiences, by doing things and going places, with the intent of enjoyment or learning. While we can obtain enjoyment from these external experiences, true happiness is found within a person, not outside. Through introspection, we can learn more about ourselves, our needs and our desires. This knowledge can help guide us to choose those external life experiences that offer an extension of our inner world. This process can help bring our desires and actions into alignment, lessening inner conflict and opening ourselves up to a more fulfilling and happy life.

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